The Great Beginning!

Hello and welcome!

My [nick]name is Tay Kudo.  I started this blog because I found recently over the past two months of an inner passion to make yummy foods and be somewhat of a mini daredevil on following recipes that I may find or create from scratch.

I had shown some people of the results of the creations and it makes me happy to know that there are others that are in love with food.  So, here we are now.  I pray that others  outside of my little circle find interest in the foods that I make/recreate.

And no worries! I will give a list of what I used and how it was done so if anyone is interested in making it as well they can do so with no problems~! Also! If anyone has ideas or questions about foods, don’t hesitate to send me an email or comment~

As a college student, I am, sadly, limited on funds, so if anyone is able to donate to my  ko-fi that would be wonderful! In the days/weeks to come, I plan to have a Patron up to help the food blogging/creating.


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