Soothing Tea

A bit after the toffee mode, I had fallen victim to Sinuitis and was making it hard for me to want to make anything over the weekend.

Though during this time I was extra thirsty and i wanted something sweet so with some teas that I had stashed away I was able to make a wonderful remedy to help me cope.


The teas that I used were Passion [Tazo Tea], lemon balm, spearmint, peppermint, and Chamomile w/ lavender [all by traditional Medicinals]. I also used one lemon that I shaved off the skin and sliced in half long ways, some sugar and honey.

This mix was so good and lasted a few days actually with the amount that I made. I may make more again if I can get some more water for the house or when I move to an apartment of my own.

As a little side note, I love tea to no end. And I like trying new kinds to see what ones perk up my tastebuds. If anyone knows some good teas or tea mixes let me know~ I wanna try all the good teas out there!


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