A Wonderful Pasta

So, this was done a long long while back. But I plan on making this again once I can get the funds and ingredients to make this.

The recipe was found on Pinterest.  It caught my eye cus I love avocados and was wanting to try this new route of eating it.  Here’s the link to the actual site that had the recipe:

Though when I did make it, I adjusted it where I used regular milk instead of buttermilk [I has some peeps who can’t handle that milk] and used chicken sausage in place of bacon, I personally can’t get to liking bacon….or much other pork.

It turned out extremely well in the end but then I was curious on how to up the flavor on the pasta. Coincidentally on that same day, my mom had given me the rest of her chicken soup she got from Vons. So I added some of that soup, when it was cold, and mixed it in.

That soup did the trick and took it to a whole new level! It gave it a more creamy texture to it and it had the salt that I had accidentally forgotten to add to the thing.

It was good both ways and was very filling after one bowl.  All who love avocados should give this thing a try.



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