Bagel Burgers

So, Sunday morning after the subs and I had an early morning devotional church gathering, we decided to head out to use my Jamba juice coupon and get some bagels from Vons. During that time the idea on making burgers with the onion bagels instead of the bread we had at the house. 

Hop, skip, and a jump we made it back and I immediately went to the kitchen to see what else I had in the fridge. Fortunately enough I found we had just enough mushrooms, butter, and ground beef to make two burgers. 

I took them out and got the mushrooms in the pot to get soft and good. As that was going, I snagged an egg, salt, pepper and paprika, tossed and seasoned the meat and mixed it well [not to mention make my hand feel freezing cold]. By then the mushrooms were ready and, after washing my hands, took the pot to the counter and began to set up the burgers. 

What I did with the bagels was getting each a separate sheet of foil and sliced the bagels in half before placing some sliced white cheddar on both ends. After that, I placed the mushrooms on top of the bottom half of the bagels to let them melt the cheese a bit as I then began to cool the parties.

I watched a lot of binging with babish, insider and tasty on youtube, and it got me to wanna try smashing the burger flat. And I like the outcome of it.


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