Dining Out

Best Chili’s Done in Ever

This was the absolute best chili’s experience I had in a long time. 

It was a busy day and I was blessed with enough to treat my siblings out for dinner. So we headed to the chili’s that was located in Rosedale and after a few minutes of waiting, we got our seats. 

It was very crowded and we were placed at a non booth table. Sis was complaining a little saying no one would notice her and suddey a baby girl sitting in a booster seat at the table beside us suddenly turned around and looked at us then gave the most cutest smile, giggling, making sis spaz and our table and the other table beside us that had the baby, laugh at the scene/reaction.  This kept us preoccupied for a bit till our server arrived. 

His name was John. A pretty decent, funny, posotive guy. He joked around with Brother and took the stressful challenge  on making a surprise drink for Sis.  He was quick on getting our food and seeing that we had why we needed and everything.

Though it was busy as heck, it was an enjoyable event and made eating out a bit fun. Prayerfully I will have more interactive fun moments like this in the future.


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