I Need Better Buns

A week or so ago, my subs and I decided to do some cooking together. I got the patty making duty, bro had cheese grating and sis had veggie duty, i.e. tomatoes and lettuce.

We had some choices of meat, not a lot of each but enough to feed make two parties each depending on how much I mixed. So I decided to mix spicy chicken sausage and ground beef together while tossing in paprika and salt in for seasoning. Thankfully I didn’t need to add any egg because the sausage was pretty sticky on its own after getting it out of the casings. With a 1cup measuring cup, I made around 8 ish patties. It cooked pretty well but for safety I had then in the microwave for a minute so that the inside would be cooked without burning the patties.

And as I wanted more than just tomatoes and lettuce, I decided to use some leftover chopped onion, olives, and mushrooms and grilled them in the same pan and oil that I used for the pan. After making enough for 4 buegers, I made my 2 and saved the rest for mom, both the other two burgers and the grilled veggies, in the microwave.

The only disappointed was the buns were extremely weak after a minute or two. I may try Panera bagels the next time I make a burger or make my own bread in a crockpot.

Other than that, it was pretty good and would make the patty mix again in the future. 


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