An Interestingly Yummy Drink 

So a few days ago, I had some left over cold blueberry mint tea, basically blueberries and peppermint tea chilling in a pot, that I made and we had gotten some frozen mango chunks. It gave me the idea on trying to make something different and tasty. The way that I wanted seemed alright but was unsure on how to execute it.

Without another thought I’d hesitation, I got the mangos, sugar and the hand-mixer. Then I defrosted the mangoes a little, 30 seconds at a time and blended it to a thick puree with some suger mixed in while making sure it was not too thick or too thin. When that was done, I poured it into the Starbucks venti water cup and reached a little under half way. After that, I got the tea, separated the berries and teabags from the tea and carefully poured the tea into the middle of the cup, filling it the rest of the way. And voila~! A nice fruity minty drink!

I will say it’s my best drink yet. I had let mum try some and she thought it was perfect as it was as if there were layers of flavor while also being refreshing.

Ended up making this a few more times over the next few days.


Dragon Sunrise

This is another memory lane treat. I would say this was a couple months ago.  I wanted to try and toy around with the handmixer we had and make myself something good to drink.

I grabbed some apple juice, frozen mangos and dragon fruit packet and a little sugar.  With that I did the first half of the drink that consisted the dragon fruit, apple juice and a few mangos and blanded that bad boy till it was smooth and poured that in the glass before cleaning the mixer and mixer cup getting the mangos and apple juice and sugar and blending  until smooth and carefully poured on top.

I will say it was very much worth it. It didn’t take long since I was making it for one. Though, I think the next time that I make this I may add some other fruit with the dragon fruit half so that the flavors will nicely contrast and change as you drink it. u vu


Soothing Tea

A bit after the toffee mode, I had fallen victim to Sinuitis and was making it hard for me to want to make anything over the weekend.

Though during this time I was extra thirsty and i wanted something sweet so with some teas that I had stashed away I was able to make a wonderful remedy to help me cope.


The teas that I used were Passion [Tazo Tea], lemon balm, spearmint, peppermint, and Chamomile w/ lavender [all by traditional Medicinals]. I also used one lemon that I shaved off the skin and sliced in half long ways, some sugar and honey.

This mix was so good and lasted a few days actually with the amount that I made. I may make more again if I can get some more water for the house or when I move to an apartment of my own.

As a little side note, I love tea to no end. And I like trying new kinds to see what ones perk up my tastebuds. If anyone knows some good teas or tea mixes let me know~ I wanna try all the good teas out there!