I Need Better Buns

A week or so ago, my subs and I decided to do some cooking together. I got the patty making duty, bro had cheese grating and sis had veggie duty, i.e. tomatoes and lettuce.

We had some choices of meat, not a lot of each but enough to feed make two parties each depending on how much I mixed. So I decided to mix spicy chicken sausage and ground beef together while tossing in paprika and salt in for seasoning. Thankfully I didn’t need to add any egg because the sausage was pretty sticky on its own after getting it out of the casings. With a 1cup measuring cup, I made around 8 ish patties. It cooked pretty well but for safety I had then in the microwave for a minute so that the inside would be cooked without burning the patties.

And as I wanted more than just tomatoes and lettuce, I decided to use some leftover chopped onion, olives, and mushrooms and grilled them in the same pan and oil that I used for the pan. After making enough for 4 buegers, I made my 2 and saved the rest for mom, both the other two burgers and the grilled veggies, in the microwave.

The only disappointed was the buns were extremely weak after a minute or two. I may try Panera bagels the next time I make a burger or make my own bread in a crockpot.

Other than that, it was pretty good and would make the patty mix again in the future. 


Bagel Burgers

So, Sunday morning after the subs and I had an early morning devotional church gathering, we decided to head out to use my Jamba juice coupon and get some bagels from Vons. During that time the idea on making burgers with the onion bagels instead of the bread we had at the house. 

Hop, skip, and a jump we made it back and I immediately went to the kitchen to see what else I had in the fridge. Fortunately enough I found we had just enough mushrooms, butter, and ground beef to make two burgers. 

I took them out and got the mushrooms in the pot to get soft and good. As that was going, I snagged an egg, salt, pepper and paprika, tossed and seasoned the meat and mixed it well [not to mention make my hand feel freezing cold]. By then the mushrooms were ready and, after washing my hands, took the pot to the counter and began to set up the burgers. 

What I did with the bagels was getting each a separate sheet of foil and sliced the bagels in half before placing some sliced white cheddar on both ends. After that, I placed the mushrooms on top of the bottom half of the bagels to let them melt the cheese a bit as I then began to cool the parties.

I watched a lot of binging with babish, insider and tasty on youtube, and it got me to wanna try smashing the burger flat. And I like the outcome of it.


A Wonderful Pasta

So, this was done a long long while back. But I plan on making this again once I can get the funds and ingredients to make this.

The recipe was found on Pinterest.  It caught my eye cus I love avocados and was wanting to try this new route of eating it.  Here’s the link to the actual site that had the recipe:

Though when I did make it, I adjusted it where I used regular milk instead of buttermilk [I has some peeps who can’t handle that milk] and used chicken sausage in place of bacon, I personally can’t get to liking bacon….or much other pork.

It turned out extremely well in the end but then I was curious on how to up the flavor on the pasta. Coincidentally on that same day, my mom had given me the rest of her chicken soup she got from Vons. So I added some of that soup, when it was cold, and mixed it in.

That soup did the trick and took it to a whole new level! It gave it a more creamy texture to it and it had the salt that I had accidentally forgotten to add to the thing.

It was good both ways and was very filling after one bowl.  All who love avocados should give this thing a try.